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WAR GOTY : Online Battle Royale


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War Game of the Year : Online Battle Royale is an RPG Genre Real-Time Online Battle Game! Several Arena Modes Through the Years’ War Games flour u n ENJOY .

Choose Your Hero, Arm Your Weapons and Start the Battle ! Nonstop Game Adventure with Quick Matches in 3 Seconds, 3v3 Battle Mode and 2-Minute Battles. Download Now To Play Our RPG Game!

The Survivor Wins!

War Game of the Y ear : Online Battle Royale is a 10 Player RPG Real Time Multiplayer War Game. Start the War by Choosing One of the Different Map and Game Modes. Survive to Win after the 2 Minute War!

Zombie Mode and Team Battle!

War Game of the Year : Online Battle Royale Offers a Battle Against Zombies in Teams! You Can Fight Zombies with Your Friends or Your Own Team and Win Various Prizes! Increasing Star Rating in Zombie Mode is Much Easier!

Multiplayer Competition!

Join Competitive Battles in 3v3 Game Mode with Your Friends or in 5v5 Game Mode with People Around the World !

You Can Build Your Own Team or Go To Battle Solo in 1v1 Game Mode .

There Are 10 Players in 5v5 Battle Mode and You Must Help Your Team and Defeat Other Players to Win the Battle! . You Can Collect the Stars on the Maps and Outsmart Your Rivals.

Game Modes:

1v1 Online Competition: Game Mode where you can Fight 1v1 Online , Challenge Your Opponent . In 1v1 Battles, You Should Determine Your Strategy Well and Equip Strong Equipment. Don’t worry if you lose, you can upgrade your skills and buy new equipment to rise in the 1v1 rankings!

3v3 Online Competition: 3v3 Game Mode Online Game Mode where you can team up with your friends. Fight in 3v3 Teams!

5v5 Online Competition: In 5v5 Online Game Mode, There Are 10 Players In Total. You Must Protect Your Teammates in This Game Mode with Plenty of Competition! Act as a Team and Achieve Victory!

Unlock New Characters!

Choose Your Custom Hero and Lead in Legendary Battles! Accumulate Your Star Points and Develop Your Special Powers to Unlock Various Characters .

Improve Your Equipment!

Buy and Enhance Your Character Special Equipment from the Store! If You Improve Their Equipment, the Strength and Abilities of the Characters Increase. Allows You to Dominate in Wars.

Daily Rewards and Case Opening

War GOTY: Online Battle Royale Gives You Special Login Rewards Every Day. You Can Earn Various Star Points and Rewards at the End of Each War .

How to Play War GOTY?

Choose Your Hero, Equip Your Gear, and Get Matched for Battle! Try to Win the Battle to Earn Star Points in 2-Minute Battles. You can get three different Characters, Weapons and Improve Their Abilities .

To Win The Battle, You Must Have The Highest Score. Join Online Battles and Defeat Your Rivals on Top-View Maps . Progress by Earning Various Rewards at the End of the War.

War GOTY Features:

– Online Real Time Multiplayer RPG

-Competitive Game System

-1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 Game Modes

– Zombie Combat Mode

– 20+ Different Characters

-12+ Different Weapon Models

-12+ Different Sword Models

-5+ Different Maps and Game Modes

Other Features:

– Competitive Ranking System

Award-Winning Events

-Daily Login Gifts

-Game Enjoyment on Low Self- Handed Phones


War GOTY : Online Battle Royale is a Constantly Developed Online 3v3 Battle Royale Game. Please Comment Your Thoughts and Suggestions. Or apps@goyogo.co my MA address provinces Post. We Care About Your Thoughts and Include them in Our Developments.


Thank you for playing WAR GOTY : Online Battle Royale. Let’s look at the new update.

We known that some users encounter crash problems so we fixed most of them. If you have encounter like these error , feel free to text apps@goyogo.com

– Fixed shop bugs.

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