The Last Ark: Survive the World Apocalypse


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In the post-apocalyptic waterworld,you must develop fast to survive,Occupy islands and Collect more resources to upgrade your navy base.Build a strong fleet to survive in the frotious ocean.

✪Real-Time Strategy: Command your battleships at the same time in the battlefield, outflanking, feint attacking and intercepting… Adjust your strategy in real-time and send out the strongest naval power to the victory!

✪Real-Time Ladder War: The cross-server competition function is available, fight with the enemy from another server in battlefield.

✪ Collection of hundreds realistic warships: Representative warships and warplanes of the modern naval system, destroyer, light cruiser, heavy cruiser, battleship, submarine, fighters. The military players absolutely cannot miss!

✪GVG Legion War: Hundreds of legions fight at close quarters in wild wars. The war of conquest on world map is about to reappear! Command your strongest legion members to strive for world domination!

✪Team PVE and PVP Gameplay: Call your brother to defend the strong enemy together, command your super battleships and show your absolute power.

Fantastic lineup and freewill match in Warship Command! Come and join us to fight for the victory!

1. New carrier for disassembly: Easter SS
2. New Guess event in the Knockout match of the Hurricane War
3. New Exchange function for CIWS materials
4. New warship skin: Freyja/Eternal Freyja
5. New aircraft evolution: Divine ATD-X => Eternal ATD-X
6. New evolution form of carriers:
Sky Carrier => Sky Carrier SS
7. New 7-star carrier: JFK Special Edition
8. New submarine: Pisces

For more details, please see the New Version notice in the game.

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