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Sledge – snow mountain slide


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Jump ! Crash ! Dodge ! That’s what awaits you on a snow mountain full of obstacles in this epic snow slide game – Sledge !

All around the snow mountain there are many obstacles so hard, that no one was able to beat it. Still, many pro sliders sledge through it, trying hard to get highest score. Glacier, Christmas tree or snowman, everything on the way is against you ! But don’t worry, there is an awesome snowman with sunglasses ready to help you ! Snow slide features :

Random Generated worlds
Forests – full of trees, roots and stumps.
Plains – scattered with huge rocks, glacier and snowman army fields.
Huge cracks, holes and rolling snow balls !
And much more hidden around snow mountain !

Challenging gameplay
Dodge obstacles by turning left or right, it only sounds easy !
Jump through small obstacles, didn’t you know that sleds can jump ?
Crash into stuff to make your way (not recommended though !).
Sledge as far as possible, get rank and challenge thousands of players worldwide !

Beautiful Worlds !
Insanely beautiful low poly graphics !
Epic slow motion crashes !
Fun Music and sound effects !
Lots of skins and gifts to collect !
Awesome snowmen !

Glacier snow mountain awaits you, so grab your sleds and snow slide through the mountain with Sledge!

3 new skins added
DE, FR, PL, PT languages added
Facebook friend leaderboard added
Facebook invite button added
Watching ad gives 10 gifts !
Shop improved
Bugs fixed

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