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Sky Heat: airplane shoot games


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Mô tả

Shoot them up! Airplane shooting games. Alien attack, war battle! Fly a rush plane, be an air fighter! Defend the base, fight back! A new action game 2D. An old school pixel plane simulator puzzle. Save the world!
Play this new flying simulator for free! Shooting combat of strategy and tactics. A war battle strategy with arcade game mechanics. Be an air fighter, strike, attack the enemy forces, avoid damage, get boosters, upgrade your plane! Dozens of ships, jets, weapons, laser guns, rockets, bombs, cannons, and upgrades! Improve your flying skills! Stop the world invasion! Good luck!

– Shoot them up 2D shooter – an old school pixel arcade for free, remastered!
– Dozens of ships, jets, weapons, laser guns, rockets, bombs, cannons, and base upgrades;
– Collect the skins;
– Hundreds of levels with a high-quality unique design and invasion experience;
– Play in-game events – bomb the enemy, defend the tower, base attack!
– Multiple combat arcade mechanics;
– Challenging air battles with invaders and bosses;
– A plethora of different enemy forces;
– Intuitive fighting simulator, HD interface;
– Amazing world, ship, base strike, and gun animations;
– Smooth 2D playing on all android, google devices;
– One-player action strategy, a free single player shooter game.

Download Sky Heat in Google Play: a free airplane shooting game and ship scroller. An old school simulator, pixel airplane arcade puzzle. Air attack – defend the base, fight, strike, and revenge! Don’t let the aliens conquer the world! Stop the invasion! Choose a battle plane, defeat your enemies, become a real ace! Of this new war strategy Shooter! Force and rush in the Sky!

New levels and minor bug fixes.
Currently, we are working on a new planes.
Stay tuned!

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