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RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager


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Take over a promising team and make it into a lasting eSports empire. Watch your team win in this highlight-packed, PvP Esports MOBA Manager

● Become World’s #1 team competing in PVP Leagues and Tournaments with friends and foes
● Unleash the full potential of your dream team by signing star players on the transfer market and training promising talent
● Create your own Esports legacy by acquiring the best sponsorship deals, skilled coaching staff and building a show-off gaming house
● Watch your team in exciting MOBA match simulations and turn the tide with last-minute tactic adaptations
● Live your Esports passion and engage with your favorite teams, streamers and shoutcasters

RIVALS Esports MOBA Manager 4.2.1
Patch Notes:
– Better information about the teams you’ll face
– Balancing Updates for Teamplay Bonus
– Sleeker UI and UX
– 4.2.1 hotfixes minor issues from 4.2.0

Full Notes @ http://metagames.gg/blog/rivals-4-2-patch-notes

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