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Love Tester – Find Real Love


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Want to know if the person you like will like you back in the same way? Is it real love or just friendship? With our love calculator you will find out in no time. If your hearts are beating to the same beat, our Love App will tell you. If you want to know if you two will have a bright future together, don’t hesitate to ask the real love test calculator right now. It’s a fun love check and will give you a hint about who’s the right person to go out with.

And to let everyone know how much in love you really are you can share your love tester results on Facebook and What’s App.

Features of our free Love Calculator:
– Compatibility test for you and your heart-throb
– Love Tester will scan your names
– Date or no Date?
– Lots of advice and sayings
– True love or only friend zone?
– Social Share with Facebook and What’s App
– Lots of fun

More love! (and bug fixes)

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