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Cute Cat Merge & Collect: Lost Relic Hunt Game


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Explore the world of cats, seek for treasures, merge cats and have fun! Travel around the planet, find all cats and kittens, and have fun!

Centuries ago last descendants of ancient civilization of cats come to these shores from the forsaken cat island! Now new generation of cute cats are ready to search treasures and lands of their ancestors! This forsaken world is full of different secrets! Digout all chests and boxes to find treasures and new kinds of cats! Start from the small cat island, and seek for cat lost under each stone!

If you love animal evolution games, cute cat games and exploration games, you must check this app! Help little kittens to explore the uncharted lands filled with ruins of cats empire, castles, ancient temples, spooky lawn, beach shore, and other places to visit! Start with just a couple of cats and enlarge your army of kittens to the dozens and hundreds! Meet new funny kitty with each new treasure chest and recoger gold!

The whole world of lost animals is waiting! Love cat memes? Digout all chests and release all little kittens right now! Find the noble castle of the emperor of Catkind or cat queen! The cat wizard had used his magic alchemy skills to hide kitty cats on this planet! Explore this bright world, find the hidden cat and have fun!

Collecting cats is not an easy task as it seems! Play different built-in games to unlock chests faster and gather each box kitty! Do your best and seek for the fragments of map to explore new islands and continents at this World of Cats!

Find and gather all lost cats – usual cats like a street cat, or a noble cat like Sphynx and Korat; or magic cats like flying cat, orange cat, alien cat, mini cat, cuty cat, cat-meme, queen cat, stalker cat, even panda cat! Point to cat and enjoy the cat hunting with our magic pets game!

Each new kitty cat will bring you a part of map to the land of predecessors! Feel like a real hidden kittens hunter – dig out treasure chests and seek for other parts of treasure map! Play mini-games – connect the dots, catch fireflies or gather pairs of cards, or trap the cat to open even more chests and sweet cat species! Just point a cat animal to start playing its mini-game! Kitty cat clicker game for all cats love fans!

If you like combination games, you’d love this app! Enjoy this combination of sweet cat evolution game, merge game, and funny cat clicker game right now! Cat search is fun!

New cute cat arrived – it’s a Rainbow Cat, bright and beautiful!

Cute Cat Merge & Collect: Lost Relic Hunt Game features
– New Cat Merging Game from authors of Cats GO
– Dozens of funny cats and kittens to unlock
– Different mini-games and quests
– Unusual cat hunting game

Small, but necessary bugs fixed

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