Astrogon – Arcade platformer


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ASTROGON is a dynamic arcade game in an intergalactic synthwave universe.

Its gameplay, colors, graphics, creative mode and music make Astrogon a one-of-a-kind game! Easy to learn, we have fun from the first seconds, but challenging to master like a boss!

A world to be conquered in several dimensions: Express your incredible agility!

Match the wall color to stay alive, jump from wall to wall and obstacle to obstacle, until you find the exit to get teleported to the next level. Collect as many stars as possible and try to beat all the time records to become the master of the game. Try to conquer level after level, dimension after dimension, with patience, dexterity, and intelligence. Earn rare Skins and with amazing auras and special effects: blazes, ghosts, clones, laser turbine, etc. !

A parallel world of yours! Express your infinite creativity!

Astrogon allows you to create your own levels in the Creative Mode. Become the God of Astrogon, be smart, innovative and clever, challenge all Astrogon players to succeed and beat time records and collect stars.

Players from all over the world will access your creations and play the levels you invented.
You will be notified of their performance, receive likes, comments and replays!
Play amazing levels created by players around the world, and browse popular, recent and featured levels. Watch replays, comment and like your favorite levels and replays.

-New Practice mode
-Leaderboard window rework and separation between solo mode and creative mode
-Ui design changes
-Countdown when resuming the game
-Sync improvement in replays
-Level of the day becomes: Featured level
-Creator of the week becomes: Featured creator
-Top 10 becomes: Top
-Music info banner won’t appear if the music volume is set to 0
-Search this level button in the replay info window.
-Various hitbox bugs fixes

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