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《傳世一刀》中的三大職業都擁有專屬自己的裝備,副本、活動、日常刷怪都有機會獲得極品神裝,根據職業的不同裝備的造型也各具特色,戰士手持大刀裝備以重型鎧甲爲主,法師手持法杖裝備以布甲法袍爲主,所有的裝備都有專屬外觀,游戲裝備還可通過鍛造進階升級。實時對決 千人攻城自由對戰。



The fighting scene of the classic legendary game is perfectly reproduced, and it is upgraded again fiercely. It not only retains the original flavor, but also exceeds your imagination. Come and find out.

Game features
[Re-engraving, reappearing classics]
➤The warrior’s horizontal sword immediately deterred the world. The warrior is known for his strong physique, wearing heavy armor and proficient in melee defense, and can fight the enemy at close range.

➤The world of thunder and flames has changed. The mage is good at attacking remotely, releasing a variety of magic from thunder, flame and ice. Although the singing time of high-end magic is long, it can bring a powerful effect of destroying the world.

➤Tian Zun of Dao Fa of the Primordial Beast, Daoists use Dao Shu as a long-range method, and can challenge cold weapons in close combat. The unique “summoned beast” makes Taoist priests the only profession in the game that can bring pets. The three major professions in the game have different characteristics. Choose the profession that suits you and start your own fantasy journey.

[Stimulate three occupations, upgrade the battle]
The three major professions in “One Sword” all have their own equipment. dungeons, activities, and daily monster spawning have the opportunity to obtain the best magic outfit. The shape of different equipment according to the profession also has its own characteristics. Warriors are armed with heavy swords and equipped with heavy armors. Mainly, the mage’s wand equipment is mainly cloth armor robes. All equipment has an exclusive appearance, and the game equipment can also be upgraded through forging. Real-time duel Thousands of people siege the city and fight freely.

[Task upgrade, easy to hang up]
In the game, players can start a PK duel in the wild at any time, grab monsters, grab equipment, grab resources, and at the same time defeat opponents in PVP and have the opportunity to explode the equipment worn by the opponents. The gameplay is refreshing and thrilling. In addition to the solo PVP battle game, there are also large-scale group GVG gameplay “siege warfare”, gang battles with gangs as the camp, etc., allowing you to experience the smooth excitement of thousands of people on the same screen.

[Up to v10, free gift]
VIP is presented for free, and you can receive it every day by logging in, and the opening rights are easy to get! You can obtain ingots by recovering equipment and killing Bosses. As long as you work hard, you can reach the top!
Exclusive suit domineering possession, cool and cool, explosive power, no brothers, no legends, bring your brothers to build the strongest gang!


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